Who we are

We are specialists in selecting, preparing and channeling information in order to strengthen the image and prestige of our clients.

Paulino Baena

Paulino Baena has a degree in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he also studied Law and has a Masters in Educational Journalism. Paulino worked in Cordoba's Provincial Council's Press Office. During this stage, the department was awarded the ASECOM prize (Asociación de Asesores de Comunicación) (Association of Communication Consultants) for "Best Press Office in Spain". For more than a decade, he was Director of Communications and Institutional Relations for AVT (Association of Victims of Terrorism), during this time he positioned the organization socially by means of the media and established communication channels with the main institutional and political representatives. He was also Professor for the Masters in Communications at CESMA. At BeuVe Comunicación, he has designed and coordinated successfully dozens of integrated communications projects.

Ana Velasco

Ana Velasco has a degree in Information Sciences in the field of journalism from the Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid, Ana started her professional activities in the press office of the Plaza Hotels. She was part of the editorial team for the magazine Dirigentes and was in charge of communications for the Fuinca Foundation, under the auspices of Telefonica and devoted to the promotion of New Technologies. She is a founding partner of BeUve Comunicación, where she has focused most of her activities since 1989 and has been in charge of the Agency's team of professionals. She carries out and coordinates managerial functions as well as the development and execution of specific communication plans for numerous companies in a wide range of fields.